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Industrial Training

Regardless of the industry and irrespective of individual concerns or philosophies, the concept of EMCO Industrial Training provides the best possible conditions for successful training. It is based on a modular principle which can easily be adapted to the needs and requirements of particular companies and partners.

The training concept not only includes Concept machines and Software which simulate the industrial demands in the best manner possible, but also training resources designed to compliment them perfectly – the Courseware.

Multimedia classroom WinTutorials tailored to the individual machines and control systems have been developed to back up the workshop training. Whether for individual workpieces, or an entire 4-stroke engine, realistic function models make the CNC training more effective, and increase students' motivation.

Unlimited Consulting Services are another key element in the concept of EMCO Industrial Training. From determining individual clients' requirements with regard to machines, software, and courseware, through the provision of advice on project planning and financing, to joint project implementation with high-quality training provided by individual instructors on machine, operation and programming using training materials: EMCO Industrial Training guides the clients through every stage of the project. It also guarantees unlimited, continuous support and advice throughout the training process.

A) The interchangeable control B) Machines C) Software/Controls D) Courseware